Hurt People Hurt People

16 07 2009

It’s all perspective, you know? Two people experience the exact same event and depending on a great combination of external and internal factors one may interpret and remember it as a positive experience, while the other might interpret and remember the same experience in a negative way.

People are crazy. My wife’s parents introduced me to the song “People are Crazy” by Billy Currington some time ago. The concept made sense, although I interpret it to mean something like this: People will do what they will do. It’s up to the individual to interpret a particular experience, run it through their own set of filters (based on beliefs, emotions, past experiences etc), and determine how the actions of other people will affect the individual.

Here’s the interesting part. When someone has been hurt in the past, has insecurity based on past experiences, or is wounded or otherwise not whole, or healed, then they are to some degree, hurt. On the outside, it may appear to be just a scratch, but a plethora of underlying issues may cause an old wound to reopen, and an action that should have only caused a scratch suddenly becomes life-threatening.

While God can and does heal us, often we are required to bring something to the operating table to see a full healing and recovery take place. Many times a physician will instruct his patient to follow a special diet post-op to assist and speed healing. A Christian post-op diet consists of only fruit, and is found listed in Galations 5:

Galations 5:22, 23
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

This article is directed at the hurt person, as that is the person who makes a choice on their own reaction to a hurtful situation. It is their choice, and yes it is a difficult one, whether to walk in hurt or to walk in healing. Hurt people hurt people, yes, but I believe the opposite to be true as well; healed people heal people.

People will do what people will do. Most of the time they aren’t trying to hurt you. Walk in healing, walk in forgiveness, walk in love. Hurt less, love more.


The Symphony of Life

16 07 2009

Listen. Listen to sound of the city. Listen to the sound of the country. What a fantastic song! Now, if you’re not careful, in the city you might just hear noise, or in the country you may think you hear nothing at all; but, if you listen carefully, you’ll hear a symphony being played out. The instruments may be out of tune, the rhythm out of sync, there may be multiple conductors vying for the attention of the orchestra, but it is a symphony none the less.

Can you hear it?

A song of many dreams: some birthing, some broken, rising to heaven in less than perfect harmony. Look at the people around you. Aren’t they beautiful? Some are found and some are lost. Reach out. Hurt less, love more. Connect. Rather than seeking to stand out, stand together! Chords are much more beautiful and more powerful than single notes.

Remember, there is a time for every instrument to be heard individually, and a time for every instrument to sound together, as one. Some sounds will lead, some follow, and become the lead later on.

A quick illustration. Think back to second or third grade music class. Every child gets a recorder. Every child plays their recorder. Ouch. God bless music teachers…What a noise. So many individual sounds, clamoring to be heard.

Now walk down the hall with me of that very same school. As we walk by the auditorium, we hear a beautiful sound. First one note, a trumpet sounds, then the swell of strings, then the rest of the brass section: trombones, baritones, horns; the woodwinds join, as the percussion section brings a rhythm that binds it all together; harmony. A symphony, from the greek word that means “agreement or concord of sound,” is being played out in all of us.

Feel it build. Let your fears be caught up in a faith that this is bigger than you. Have faith in the Great Composer, that this mysterious, glorious movement will resolve in a finale like no other.

Can you hear it?

Now listen to the melody line rising above it all. You are the only person that can hear it, as it’s written just for you, in a key that only you can hear; the sound of God’s dreams for you.

In the words of August Rush, “The music is all around us, all you have to do is listen.”



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