Afterglow: The Day After Valentine’s Day

15 02 2012

I love observing men on the day after Valentine’s day. In the trucking company that I manage, I have a unique opportunity to have several conversations with our drivers in the morning while their trucks warm up. Likewise, I get to converse with these drivers at the end of their work day as well.

All week I’ve been hearing the guys gripe about having to pick up flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s day, but to hear them speak the morning after, you’d think that it was their favorite holiday of the year (secretly, it probably is).

Some went out and some stayed in, but each of the men I talked to this morning had a mischievous grin – proud to keep secret (most of) the details of the night before, a treasure to protect and cherish.

What other annual event is geared to bring you close to the one you love? Birthday’s are selfish, Christmas is a gong show (even though it shouldn’t be) and every other special event is just about having a good time. Nothing against all that, but Valentine’s day, commercial as it may be (what holiday or event isn’t), is about bringing us into oneness with our lover, the one person who knows us and is known by us like no other.

From her shoes to her hair to her dress and her underwear, everything that she put on was chosen to make her man stare. Even as we sat in a restaurant by the beach, there were a hundred beautiful women dressed to attract the attention of their lovers, and yet each man really only saw one. His.

I greatly enjoyed being in the middle of a room full of people tending to fires of love, starting with paper, kindling, and slowly adding fuel to the fire until it was blazing hot. Some were rekindling old flames some were igniting something new, but all were lost in the eyes of one.

Every provocative gesture, every double entendre, every cheesy rhyme; every touch, every kiss, every longing glance – all part of an elaborate dance that draws lovers together for one special night.

And oh, what a night!


Sixth Day Beautiful

13 02 2009
Being a hopeless romantic, my deep thoughts on Valentines Day could only turn to love…

In reading through Genesis 1 this morning, and then into Genesis 2, I found myself, as a man, drawn to worship God, thanking Him deeply for the creation of Woman. It was the final act of creation, his most beautiful act, his pièce de résistance. She was stunning, of this I am sure, because the woman he created for me demonstrates her beauty every day!

Beyond my adoration and gratitude for the creation of woman alone, I began to reflect on the creation of the human race – what an amazing story. The story of Creation is beautiful beyond understanding, and to read in God’s own words that our humanity is a reflection of His image – an amazing concept to even attempt to comprehend.

When we were created, God was greatly pleased with his own artwork. Out of the dust of a newly created earth, he formed a being in the same likeness as He, and breathed his breath into the final feature of all creation: humanity.

After observing his masterpiece for awhile, he knew it was incomplete. Man or Adam, as he had been named, was incomplete. Humanity needed another level of complexity, this artwork must be perfect! Instead of using the same method that he did to produce the first work, he chose to take some materials from the first and create the second. It would be impossible to tell what on the second was taken from the first, and they would only be complete when they were together.

When he finished his work, his final piece of all creation, he brought her to the Man, and allowed him to name her, and he claimed her with poetic words: The man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman, for she was taken out of man.” From the moment they laid eyes on each other, they knew they would only be complete together. They would leave all others, and hold on to one another.

Just imagining the moment of their first encounter thrills my imagination. Can you imagine, living, breathing works of art, standing in the presence of the Artist, reveling in the beautiful way He made them! In perfection, without fear or flaw. Discovering that they were made to fit, to complement each other in every area, emotionally and physically. A perfect set.

We should take a moment to imagine the way we were created, in perfection, imagine how we think God made us and strive to maintain ourselves in the best possible way, in the way works of art are maintained – to be enjoyed by the beholder. Appreciate the way we were made, every curve, line and color. And then, we should thank the Artist, as if we were just formed; as Man, from the dust of the earth; or Woman, from the flesh and bone of Man, and live the rest of our days in the fullness of the way that the Artist intended.

The Woman that the Artist gave to me is something that I will cherish forever, her beauty a constant reminder of the glory and greatness of God, and his love for me.

Happy Valentines Day, Brandee Bear!


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